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Exit Sign Or College Linebacker?

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One of the truly great discoveries during my drive from LA to Seattle was this game that I didn't even know existed.  And in fact I'm pretty sure no one else does either.

Let me give you five names...

Flavius Killebrew

Sacramento Martinez

Sequoyah Stonecipher

Vader Ryderwood

Montague Grenade

Now, you tell me if those actual names of college football players or if they are the two town names on a highway sign?  It's tough, right?  Well I can tell you that Flavius and Seqouyah are actual human beings while the other three are actual exit signs I passed on my drive.

And those are just the signs I had the opportunity to take a photo of.  There were dozens of other great choices out there (including Buttonwillow McKitterick) that I highly suggest you keep an eye out for next time you're driving. 

These are the things that occupy your time when driving long distances in a U-Haul truck.