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Daily Links - What the Orange Blogs are Saying About Expansion

Syracuse Fans Continue to Wait Out Expansion Madness!! (Podcast) |
I [Brent Axe] talked with Teddy Greinstein from the Chicago Tribune "On the Block" on The Score 1260 yesterday. Listen below as Teddy tries to forecast how this will all play out, what could prevent a college football "armageddon", and where he sees Syracuse landing in all this (hint: right where they are now).

The music starts |
From a Syracuse tinted lens, it appears fortuitous that the first moves have been made against the Big XII conference and not the Big East.  This gives some hope that the when the music does stop, that Syracuse will be in the location that gives them the best fit.

OrangeHoops: Big Ten Expansion - Should the Orange Go?
I think in 15 years you will look back and say it was a bad move for Syracuse to move to the Big Ten (if it happened). But you cannot worry about fifteen years from now. I hope the Big East stays alive for football, and the Orange remain put, but I think if given the chance, they will go.

Three Idiots on Sports: Ebay Item of the Week: Big Red, Big Orange, Big 10
We're going "Back to the Future" with our Ebay Item of the Week. The year is 1983, and little did we know, the #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers battled future Big 1o rival Syracuse in a 63-7 thriller at Lincoln's Memorial Stadium. You're in luck if you've been looking for the official game program to that barn burner.

In honor of a matchup we may be seeing more of in the future, enjoy the starting lineups from the 1989 Syracuse vs. Duke ACC-Big East Challenge game. For the record, Cuse won 78-76.