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West Ends Up East and Syracuse Football Gets Lucky

Although it wasn't his original plan, Jarrod West, an all-state Wide Receiver from Liberty High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has committed to the Syracuse football team.

A year ago in June, West committed to Stanford, but didn't quite make their academic cut and was recently notified that the scholarship offer would be rescinded.

"My (college) board scores weren't up to their standards," West said while warming up for the high jump Saturday at the PIAA Track and Field Championships. "I was kind of afraid that might happen. It didn't come as a total surprise."

Well, at least he's honest with himself. The good news is, it sounds like this kid actually is a good student (and a class officer), and who can blame him for jumping at a full-ride to Stanford?

In the end, he's ours. Jarrod is also a talented high jumper, so hopefully we will see some of those leaping skills out on the football field, maybe even next season.

Enjoy him and his fellow Hurricanes making "Amazing Happen" on the basketball court: