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The Time for NCAA Expansion Speculation Has Actually Begun

I have mostly been ignoring the conference realignment talk, not because it's unimportant, but because nothing was happening and we had no idea when something actually would happen. And then, finally, someone did something! Colorado announced its move to the Pac-10, and with that, speculation became fact, and led to loads more speculation.

So what is next? Not "will" but when will we hear that Nebraska joining the Big Ten? What about Texas (and, thus, Texas A&M)? Will the Big East do anything or just wait for the dust to settle and pick up the leftovers? (and will they be some tasty left overs like Kansas and Kansas State? [Did somebody say 'leftovers?' ]) And what will JoePa's face look like!?

I could list about 100 more questions and still not cover all of them. But really, our #1 interest is figuring out where Syracuse ends up. Keeping the Big East intact is a nice thought, however, any concerns for the conference are really a distant #2. It is a reality now that the Big East may no longer be a major conference by the end of the summer, or it may not even exist. So Syracuse needs to look out for itself. Let's hope they do.

There hasn't been a whole lot of talk by the Syracuse athletes on Twitter about this mess, but, after the following Tweet last night, Kris Joseph learned that sh*t just got real.:

RT @NYNIGGA315: @KrisJo32 looks like where going to the boring ass BIG TEN--- what? For football right?

No, sadly, not just for football. For boring ass Big Ten basketball too. And at this point, we would consider ourselves lucky to get that.

And with that, I leave it to the experts (you guys) to tell me what will happen next. Talk it up in the comments.