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Jim Boeheim Threatens to Handcuff Players

Just to wrap up this APR stuff in a nice little package with a bow on top, I think you should read Dana O'Neil's article on the topic, written after interviewing Jim Boeheim.

Coach Boeheim wants to make it clear that Devendorf, Harris and Flynn were the reason for these infractions, all three leaving school early to begin workouts with trainers as they aimed for the pros.

"The statistics don’t show what’s going on -- they were all eligible, on schedule and they made the decision to take off because they believed their futures would be decided by those workouts. Am I supposed to handcuff them and make them finish? I was on the APR committee. I’ve talked to people at the NCAA. I’ve talked to our president. I’ve talked to everyone and no one has an answer."

He has a point. And no, we'd prefer you not handcuff the players. But as pointed out in the comments, the APR is taken over a 4-year period, so other players who quit or left early, like Josh Wright or Donte Greene, are also included in this average. Donte Greene is more of the same for the above three mentioned, but Josh Wright was the kind of mess the APR is hoping to deter.

Regardless, Boeheim notes again that Syracuse has already penalized themselves this last season, the two scholarships coming from walk-ons who would have normally been offered available scholarships being denied that opportunity.

And don't worry, Andy Rautins is said to be finishing up his final credits and will graduate, and Wes Johnson is already done with classes, so there will be no APR trouble next season.

(H/T: Trish LaMonte)