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RPI Be Damned: Syracuse Is the Two-Seed

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(Headline credit to Scott Grodsky)

All signs, including the all-important RPI, pointed to Syracuse being the #4 seed in the NCAA Tournament despite a 13-1 record because of the ACC's shady RPI-devouring scheduling tactics.  Looks like the NCAA committee has something that was thought unheard-of...a little common sense.

Syracuse got a #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament behind #1 Virginia.  Despite what the RPI would tell you, it's just a common sense move.  The Orange's only loss this year was to the one point.  Couple that with the points noted here and its obvious that SU deserved the spot over Maryland and North Carolina.

The Orange will get Army (whom they beat 12-7 in March) in the first round Sunday night with a possible National Championship game re-match with Cornell waiting in the quarterfinals.  Much more to come and discuss but here's the games...commence commenting! (Your official bracket is live.)

#1 Virginia vs. Mount Saint Mary's

#8 Stony Brook vs. Denver


#4 North Carolina vs. Delaware

#5 Duke vs. Johns Hopkins (boo)


#3 Maryland vs. Hofstra

#6 Princeton vs. Notre Dame


#2 Syracuse vs. Army

#7 Cornell vs. Loyola


Laugh and point at who didn't make it: Georgetown (RPI #9).