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Syracuse Sports Year In Review

You already saw CitrusTV's Year In Images montage highlights but they've got a few more vids worth checking out as they wrap up the season and the school year.  Check some of them out below and see what else they've got over on their site.

First up, Greg Paulus' exit interview from SU. Worth watching to hear Greg's thoughts on how the season went, how he feels of what he accomplished and what's next for him.

"Five years down the road, hopefully I'm playing football in the NFL somewhere.  If someone wanted to give me the opportunity to play the game that I love and play at the highest level, that would be a no-brainer...I do have a few other passions.  On the coaching side I'd love to coach college basketball and getting into being an analyst on the broadcasting side as well."

CitrusTV's David Resnick talks about his picks for Syracuse's players of the year as the 2009-2010 school year comes to an end.

If you missed any of the Cody Jamieson trick-shot videos, here's Scott Grodsky's final piece culled from all of that footage:

Nicole Michael had a stellar senior season on the hill, breaking school records and leading the Orange to its best season ever. She sat down with CitrusTV's Eva Zaccaria for a look back at her career on the hill.