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Ragin' Cajun Greg Paulus

As mentioned (dare I say FIRST-REPORTED!?!?!?) here a couple days ago, Greg Paulus is getting his pro workout and he's getting it courtesy of the New Orleans Saints. Mike Triplett of the The Times-Picayune, tell us things!

That group of tryout players will include Syracuse quarterback Greg Paulus -- a former high school star who decided to play basketball at Duke for four years before returning to football as a fifth-year senior. Paulus played under former Saints offensive coordinator Doug Marrone during his year at Syracuse, throwing for 2,024 yards, 13 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

Saints' rookie minicamp will run from Friday through Sunday and the players will be available for interviews Saturday.  Our Greggy, all growns up. 

Did you ever think one day you'd be openly rooting for Greg Paulus to make it in the NFL while not really rooting for Mike Williams?  Me either...