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OrangeTube 5/6

The latest Syracuse-related videos on the Interweb. 

Former SU football player Morlon Greenwood is a reggae rapper now? And his name is Ultimate?  YES PLEASE. (The video description says Greenwood was "a football legend" at SU.  I see.)

Joe Blum takes us on a tour through MayFest to see the wierd, the wild and...did I mention the weird? (When did SU get so many hipsters?)

To promote, which allows individuals to give micro-loans to aspiring entrepreneurs in third world countries, an SU student dresses up like a transvestite hooker and walks around Marshall Street.  Seems reasonable.  Until you get to the part where the cop says "I don't like third world countries."  Which is a weird thing to say.

Who doesn't love timelapse photography? Check out Route 81 from either Brewster (I think) and then the Hall of Languages.

Nick Speller highlights?  Why the hell not?