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All Hail Eric Devendorf, King Of New Zealand

The caption for this photo on<a href="" target="new"> the Saints' site</a> reads "Eric Devendorf Shows his Desire."  Sure, I'll go with that.
The caption for this photo on the Saints' site reads "Eric Devendorf Shows his Desire." Sure, I'll go with that.

Waikato Pistons, may God have mercy on your soul when Eric Devendorf and the Wellington Saints get a hold of you. 

A week after scoring 31 points in his first game for the Wellies (my nickname), Devo was at it again this past week, scoring 38 in a victory and nabbed his third Player of the Week accolade.

38 points (15/20 FG, 7/8 3pt, 1/1 FT), 5 assists, 2 blocks in the 126-90 win over the Harbour Heat.

Currently leading the league in scoring at 26.6 a game, Devendorf has been averaging 34.5 points in his first two games with the Saints and is shooting the three at 84% in those games.

The Saints are now in fourth place in the NBL with a 6-3 record.  Their latest win was over the league's No. 2 squad, the Harbour Heat.  Like the villain in an 80's sports movie, Waikato sits atop the league at 8-1...awaiting the eventual showdown.

Up next for Devo and the Saints, the 0-9 OceanaGold Nuggets.  I'd say Devo will fatten up his stats in this one but they're pretty much as fat as they can get as-is.