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Syracuse Has Its Next Fullback

That would be Tombe Kose, who just wrapped up his 3rd season at San Diego Mesa College. Per Kevin Lustgarten of, Tombe accepted a scholarship to come play for the Orange in this upcoming season.

At 5'11" and 215 pounds (though he looks waaay bigger), Kose could come in and have an impact immediately for SU, who desperately need help at the FB spot.  Kose didn't rack up huge numbers at Mesa but judging by his video, he's there to block the hell out of people (and how).  Along with the below video are some more highlights on YouTube as well.

Greg Adkins reportedly recruited Kose and he will be in camp come July.  Syracuse will be a far cry from his original home of Sudan.  His family moved to San Diego ten years ago to escape the civil wars there and slowly but surely he gravitated to football.

Kose grew passionate about something other then school when he learned sports had no language barriers. He played competitive soccer from the time he was nine until his sophomore year in high school. He later found himself watching a lot of football on TV and decided he wanted to try it out. His dad who played professional soccer in Africa was not happy about the switch and told Kose he would regret the day he quit soccer. Kose wishes he would have been able to keep up with both sports but knew the weight differences were impossible to maintain.

Now football has become his life, from noon till night he eats, meets, watches tapes, and practices with his team.  "All football all the time, it's my job," stated Kose.

He's got quite the job ahead of him.  Looking forward to seeing how Tombe handles it.