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Just Wait Until They Get Internet At Akron

When Syracuse opens the regular season in September at Akron, they won't be seeing Shawn Lemon line up against them at linebacker.  He's transferring because he doesn't feel that he and head coach Rob Ianello see eye to eye. 

Also, he's transferring due to Ianello's poor texting skills.

While reconsidering his decision... Lemon received an inadvertent text message from Ianello, intended for ... Wistrcill. The message suggested that Lemon had spoke about transferring before, and he may be doing it to seek attention.

That was apparently the last straw for Lemon, who is putting together his highlight tapes and has prepared his transfer documents. He is looking at William & Mary, Appalachian State and New Mexico as potential destinations for his last year of eligibility.

Say what you will about Doug Marrone, but he doesn't do that.  Mostly because I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how to text in the first place.

H/T: Fanhouse, who notes that Lemon is a "defensive linebacker." Good to know.