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Down Goes Devo! Down Goes Devo!

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Call it the Curse of The Awkward Photoshoot.  Over the weekend, Eric Devendorf's New Zealand squad lost for the first time since he joined the team.  They also lost Eric Devendorf himself...

Devendorf had to be helped off court three minutes into the second quarter after suffering a worrying ankle injury.

The Saints' leading scorer was knocked to the ground hard while driving to the basket and did not return to the court, watching the final quarter with his leg up on the sideline in obvious pain.

While there was no immediate diagnosis, the Saints camp feared the injury was serious and Devendorf is facing an uphill battle to be fit for the Saints' next game, at home to the Pistons next Saturday.

Not only does the injury hurt the Saints' chances for good playoff seeding, but it also means Devo might not get the chance to drop 100 points on the team that dropped him a few weeks back.