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Daily Links - Gerry McNamara Gets Cheesed

Three Idiots on Sports: Gerry McNamara's Good Name Cheesed
A former state worker was caught selling cocaine and weed to fellow employees. That state worker's name? Gerry McNamara.

Faceoff: Q&A with ESPN's Mark Dixon - The Baltimore Sun’s blog devoted to college and high school lacrosse -
I think to the more immediate future, unfortunately, Syracuse being knocked out is going to hurt the attendance of the championships in Baltimore. Syracuse always brings down a large and unique fan base, and I think attendance will probably be hurt at M&T Bank Stadium. I could be wrong, but any records that we were hoping to be broken this Memorial Day weekend have probably gone out the window.

Orange Elimination: Bad for Business : Orange Fizz: Syracuse Orange Sports Blog, Recruiting, Podcasts
Why didn’t the NCAA lacrosse big cheeses, in all their infinite wisdom, figure out a way to push the Orange past Army? Who cares if it’s a feel good story for our service academy? You know what else is a feel good story about Army? Beating Afghanistan. Let’s let them win those battles. On the lax field, make sure the top seeds move on.

Hamilton's Carter-Williams named Gatorade Player of the Year " Sports ", Salem, MA
The honors keep piling up for Hamilton's Michael Carter-Williams, who will take his considerable basketball skills to Syracuse University in the fall of 2011.

The Downbeat - 20 May 2010 - #233 - The Most Hated Edition - SLC Dunk
No. 1 Jason Hart, He was only with the team for one season but never got off on the right foot with the fans after his comments about having to ride in a lesser vehicle after his Escalade got damaged. Couple that with his atrocious 2 for 1s at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters, his inability to grasp the offense, and lack of community involvment, he was a favorite scapegoat.

The Syracuse women's softball team, currently prepping for their NCAA Tournament game against Oklahoma today, spends some quality time together.