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Like Maple Syrup, Andy Rautins Drizzles Himself All Over NBA Teams

There's some so wrong and yet so right about that headline.

The NBA Combine is going on (as you ask yourself, "There's an NBA Combine?")  With nothing to gain, all the top draft picks are staying away.  For players like Andy Rautins, this is their time to shine.  A good performance here could make or break your draft status.  At least for now.

So far, so good.  Andy's even earning some strong comparisons.  Of course, he's the one doing the comparing...

Andy Rautins of Syracuse University is flying largely under the NBA Draft radar but already the comparisons are starting from those who follow the Orange. Given the fact Rautins is a Canadian citizen and a deadeye shooter, the comparisons to Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash are expected. However, at 6-foot-4 Rautins' skill-set is a little bit different.

"I'd like to say I'm a little bit of a mix between Dan Majerle and Steve Nash," said Rautins from the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago on Thursday. "Dan for his grind it out and tough it out defensive style and the way he shoot the ball. Steve for his vision and passing ability.

In that article, Wes Johnson goes on to talk up Andy and his abilities beyond just shooting three's.  It sounds like the big issue for Andy will be, what else, whether or not he can match up in an NBA man-to-man defense.

Andy's also working out individually for a ton of teams.  He's worked out with three teams already and is heading to Minneapolis for another multi-team combine next week.  According to his agent, Andy will then probably work out for 10-12 clubs separately.  Mock drafts be damned.