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Mount Saint Paulus

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Greg Paulus didn't end up joining New Orleans after his post-draft workout.  However, he still might end up a Saint.  A Saint Mary, actually.  (Hold those jokes...)

According to Mount U, Paulus has been seen on the Mount Saint Mary's campus and is interviewing with head coach Robert Burke.

Greg Paulus is in fact interested in coaching at Mount St. Mary's. So much so that he was seen interviewing with coach Robert Burke on campus Thursday.

As Burke has filled his first and second coaching posts and the third vacant with the possibility of adding an additional position, Paulus is likely pursuing the third assistant position as that is the only traditional coaching position still open.

Paulus has apparently been in touch with the Mount for some time now about the job.  And since it looks like the football thing isn't happening, it's on to Life Goal coaching.

The Mary (I assume they use a different nickname) is coming off a 16-15 season that includes a 12-6 conference record in the NEC.  They're only a year removed from an NCAA Tournament appearance as a 16-seed.  They beat Coppin State in the play-in game and then lost to North Carolina in the opening round.