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Good News Wes, You're Probably Not Going To The Clippers

That's pretty much every college basketball star's main concern when you think about it.  What can I do to play for ANYONE but the Clippers?  With the results of last night's NBA Lottery in, it looks like Wes Johnson has avoided such a fate.  Here's your top ten draft order:

10. Indiana Pacers
9. Utah Jazz
8. Los Angeles Clippers
7. Detroit Pistons
6. Golden State Warriors
5. Sacramento Kings
4. Minnesota Timberwolves
3. New Jersey Nets
2. Philadelphia 76ers
1. Washington Wizards

Looking around at the many mock draft boards on the Internet, it looks like Wes is sitting pretty in the 4-6 pick zone. sends Wes to Minnesota where he'll be reunited with Jonny Flynn and turn the Timberwolves into Syracuse West.  Fanhouse does the same thing.

Mike Waters explains why, Syracuse alums aside, Wes Johnson makes sense for the Wolves:

So where does Johnson enter? At No. 4 where Minnesota is in need of a big guard/small forward.

The Timberwolves are set at the point with former Syracuse star Jonny Flynn and (perhaps) Spanish star Ricky Rubio. Minnesota has young players up front in Kevin Love and Al Jefferson, so the T-Wolves would seemingly have no need for Kentucky’s Demarcus Cousins or Georgia Tech’s Derrick Favors.

Draft Express thinks Wes will last until the sixth pick where he'll go to Golden State.  It's a fate slightly less damning than playing for the Clippers...but not great by any means. If he doesn't go fourth, Cuse fans would love to see him go fifth instead to Sacramento where he can play alongside fellow SU one-and-doner Donte Greene. 

If he were to make to the 7th pick I can't imagine the Pistons would pass on him and that would save Wes from a fate worse than ten torn ACLs...being drafted by the Clippers.  Which, incidentally, would cause his ACLs to tear ten times over the course of his contract with them.

Now, as for Andy Rautins...well Andy would KILL for the chance to get drafted by the Clippers.  I suppose it all depends on your situation.

Update: has more mocks, none of which send Wes to the Clips.