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NC State Coming To The Dome This Season?

According to Wolfpack head man Sidney Lowe, that is so.  At a local meet-and-greet called the WPC Caravan, Lowe announced that NC State and Syracuse would begin a home-and-home this season, starting with a trip to SU in 2010-2011 ans a return match in Raleigh the following year.

If true, the Wolfpack seems to be scheduling like they're Gonzaga, piling a whole bunch of quality non-conference opponents into their schedule.

That would give the Pack at least four games against marquee opponents in Georgetown, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Syracuse with three of the those games not played in the confines of the RBC Center.

The Orange aren't sitting idly by either as this would add NC State to a non-conference slate that already includes Michigan State and Cornell (as well as possibly Michigan and Georgia Tech).

Syracuse is 2-1 all-time against the Wolfpack, including a 54-53 win in Raleigh in 2001.  NC State is coming off a 20-16 season that ended in the 2nd round of the NIT. 

Hopefully by the time we play them, they'll have learned how to spell their own name properly.

H/T: PJASchultz