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Well, I'm Definitely Attending The Syracuse-Washington Game

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Somehow this turned into MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT WEEK on the site and I'm not entirely sure how.

Anyway, yes, I now know for sure that I will be attending my first Syracuse football game live since 2001 (that's insane).  I know this because Syracuse will be traveling to Washington on September 11th, 2010.  And also because I'm moving to Seattle in a few weeks.

I am, as one person put it, intent on making blogging about Syracuse sports as difficult as humanly possible.  

As some of you know, the wife and I spent a week in Seattle back in April.  That was actually our 2nd trip there this year.  The first one was a weekend back in January.  We both came back to LA and said to one another, "I can totally see us living there."  That brought on the week-long reconnaissance mission in April.  We tried our best not to be tourists and just see what it felt like to live in the city.  Interestingly, the areas we initially liked we didn't like as much and we found totally new areas that we liked even better.  And we are.

For the second time in my life I'm getting ready to load up the car, drive in a general direction and see what happens.  No big plans beyond that...just looking forward to the new city, the great outdoors, the new pairs of galoshes and FINALLY getting a dog.  You have no idea how long I've been waiting (current place won't allow them).  And I can assure you the dog will be a Syracuse fan.  I loathe people who put shirts and hats on their dogs (sorry), but in this case, I'm going to allow it.

Still working out the details but it looks like the move will be official in early June.  There shouldn't be too much change with the site.  If anything, I'm going to have even more time to write inane things about Syracuse sports-related minutia.  So that's a win for some...huge lose for others.

And of course, I'm going to the football game!  When I realized how long it's been since I saw the Orange up close and personal it seemed incorrect.  So it's nice to get back on track.  Party's at my place that weekend so if you were wondering whether or not to head out...your decision just got made.  First come first serve on the couch.

The Pacific Northwest Syracuse Revival Begins NOW!