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Syracuse Didn't Win But Someone Won A T-Shirt

I suppose the only way that someone was going to guess the winning score of the Syracuse-Army T-shirt contest outright, it would have to either an abnormally low or abnormally high. 

And so here we are. Marblecityallstar went low and guessed 8, which is exactly what SU scored in its 9-8 loss to Army.  And so, Marble wins the shirt, courtesy of 4th And Forever.


Marblecityallstar, e-mail me your address & requested size and we'll send it out.  In case you didn't win but still want the shirt, 4th And Forever is selling it at a reduced rate of $10.44.  

Thus concludes the giveaway portion of the 2009-2010 Syracuse Athletics Year.  That's depressing.  (Unless the women's lacrosse team goes to the finals...)