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Anyway, Women's Lacrosse Is What Really Matters

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The men's team lost?  Whatevs.  Everybody knows that I'm all about women's lacrosse.  Cover it day and night.  Barely even worry about what the men are up to.  It's like Jay says in Clerks..."I HATE GUYS, I LOVE WOMEN!!!"

Apparently the men's team lost yesterday in the first-round.  I don't really know, I don't pay attention or care about that.  Some people do care, I guess.  And Brent Axe decides to explain for them what happened...

Army head coach Joe Alberci also made a brilliant move when he had Bill Henderson stay on Chris Daniello like white on rice. Syracuse has too much offensive talent to have one guy be that important to the offense, but it was a strategy that worked. Daniello managed one assist and anyone watching could tell he was mighty frustrated by all the extra attention.

Syracuse lost confidence on offense. They lost composure on offense and the wasted possessions and bad shots were a result of that.The Orange were taken out of their comfort zone and they knew it. One glance at the turnover department proves that. 
Yawn.  Better luck next year, fellas.  I think David Pearson sums it up perfectly with his tweet.
SU hasn't won a lax title since 2009... might be time end this Desko experiment
Agreed!  Somebody crank up STAT!

We can sit here and lament face-off statistics all day or we can move on to the good stuff.  The stuff you and I really care about it.  The stuff we eat, breathe and live...women's lacrosse.  i.e. The Syracuse women's lacrosse team, which advanced to the Quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament after defeating a little school called Georgetown in the first-round.
Freshman Tegan Brown recorded a career-high seven points to lead Syracuse to a 15-8 victory against No. 4 seed Georgetown in the opening round of the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Tournament on Saturday, May 15. The Orange advances to the quarterfinals for the fourth consecutive year where it will face No. 5 seed James Madison.
Of course we all enjoy it when Georgetown loses to Syracuse. But this one is particularly sweet. The Lady Hoyas had beaten the Orangewomen in both previous meetings this year. The game was on the road in DC, as Georgetown was the #4 seed in the women's tournament. Hoyas being upset in the first round of the NCAAs by a lower-seeded team is nothing new, of course. In fact you could call it the modus operandi of the athletic program this year. But all the better that it comes at the hands of Syracuse.
And so, Gary's Girls move on to face James Madison.  Win there and it's off to their second Final Four in three years. 

Finally, a Syracuse lacrosse program we can get behind.