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Book Update, Or As They Call It In The Biz...The Tease

I don't really know if that's what they call it in The Biz.  I'm not entirely sure what Biz it is I'm referring to. 

Point is, we're dangerously close to finishing the book.  The editing process is almost done (can you believe there were a lot of spelling and grammatical errors?  I was as shocked as you).  My hope is to have this sucker up and ready to go by mid-week.  If not then, certainly by end of week.

The great news is, I can ride the PR coattails of the Syracuse lacrosse team over the next two weeks as they advance in the NCAA Tournament en route to their third-straight...oh...crap.

Anyway, I will keep you posted.  In the meantime, I'm giddy to show off the cover of the book.  Courtesy of the very talented Michael Borkowski, it sets the tone perfectly for what's to come and also gives you some great pointers on how to prep your child's room from an early age.