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Doug Marrone Likes Things

Doug Marrone released his spring depth chart yesterday and Doug Marrone thinks that, from the standpoint of depth charts, Doug Marrone did a heckua job.

Some notable notes from the man, the myth, the legend on the squad he's put together.  First, the fact that Marcus Sales continues to find himself on the 2nd-string level despite a good spring performance has made some wonder what's up.  HCDM sets it straight:

Sales, he said, had a great spring game. Marrone said the Christian Brothers Academy product needs to be a little more consistent.

Still, it sounds like between Lemon, Chew, Weaver and Sales, you'll be seeing a lot of all four of them this year.

Despite not having Delone Carter for the time being, Dougles isn't worried about his running game, because "we’re good because of the other players we have there."  He also says both Bailey and Collier will see a lot of action regardless of whether or not Carter is there.

Some very good words on Chandler Jones:

"There’s no telling how good he really could be."

The defensive backfield looks to be a dogfight all summer as six players jockey for four spots.

"It’ll be one of those situations where the best players play."

And finally, for those who can't get enough of the Rob Long Experience, you are in luck.

"I really think that Rob Long has a chance to be an All-American."

Hey, we'll take it.  Check out the rest of Marrone's input here.