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Syracuse Dominate Big East Lacrosse Awards. Duh.

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If there were two things anyone with a passing fancy in college lacrosse could have told you five months ago, it would have been that Syracuse will win the inaugural Big East Conference and will win a majority of the post-season awards associated with it.  Cause, well...duh. 

First part done and now second part also done.

Chris Daniello was named Big East Attack Player of the Year and John Galloway was named Goalkeeper of the Year.  Daniello and Galloway were joined on the Big East First Team by Jeremy Thompson, Joel White, Cody Jamieson, John Lade and Jovan Miller.  The Big East Second Team included Stephen Keogh and Jeremy Thompson.  Thompson had the distinction of making both the first and second teams as a specialty player and a midfielder, respectively. 

Obviously the Big East is going to do its best to pepper in some of the other squads where they can.  Which is why it's so awesome to see just how much disgust Dave Rahme seems to have for the fact that Syracuse didn't win every single award.  Yes, you could probably make some cases for the other awards, including Coach of the Year (which went to Villanova's Mike Corrado).   But then you remember that it's about winning the National Title, not winning a conference award.  SU did just fine.