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Syracuse Football Depth Chart Now 100% Carter-Less

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The post-spring depth chart is out, go have a look-see

As Doug told B&TMC yesterday, Ryan Nassib is your No. 1 QB.  Of course, that's how the spring depth chart looked last year as well.  It's the whole still-being-No.-1-post-summer thing that's a little tougher to lock down.

At running back, Delone Carter is nowhere to be found.  Like Marrone said, until he's an active member of the university again, he's persona non grata.  For now it's Antwon Bailey, then Averin Collier and then Ricky Azzoto (?) in the third slot.

At the wide receiver slot, your starting wideouts are Sir Alec Lemon and Big League Van ChewMarcus Sales and Aaron Weaver are your No. 2 guys and then there's a whole bunch of other guys I've vaguely heard of.  It sounds like Chew has really impressed Marrone as he's made the leap over Sales.

Another pleasant surprise, Marrone said, was the emergence of junior Van Chew at receiver. The fast-but-slender wideout showed up for spring ball much stronger, and at least 10 pounds heavier.

Only two players who started last year for the Orange are on the list to do so again in 2010.  Then again many of those starters are gone as well.  The defense has a lot more returning starters, though E.J. Carter is not one of them. He's off the team...again. Of course Marrone isn't talking but Carter's mom fills in the blanks.

His mother today provided details about E.J.'s dismissal from the Orange. She called the situation a "total miscommunication."

In a telephone interview from her home in Orlando, Beverly Carter said her son forgot about the late-morning meeting he had signed up for with Marrone -- mainly because he was "stressed out" by taking two exams Friday morning and a third in the afternoon. Carter did meet earlier Friday with defensive coordinator Scott Shafer.

Carter also flew home on Friday night before a mandatory team trip.  And there's that word again, miscommunication.  Seems like every time it's a miscommunication that someone missed a meeting or a miscommunication that someone didn't understand what the deal was.  I feel terrible for the Carters, sounds like this is devastating news.  But there's a reason the article ends with them saying how much they respect Doug Marrone.  He's the rulemaker.  And there's only so often he allows you to disobey them.  Plus we're talking about a guy who was already on thin ice after leaving the team earlier in the year.  Fare thee well, E.J.

In his place steps Ryan Gillum once again.  The sometimes-starter joins The Bonemaster Derrell Smith and Doug Hogue, who should be healed from his knee injury by the time the season starters.

The D-line might have lost Arthur Jones but it looks pretty solid still.  Hollywood Hookah Mikhail Marinovich, Chandler Jones, Bud Tribbey and Andrew Lewis get the nod on what should be one of SU's stronger units.

In the defensive backfield, it looks like Marrone is still tinkering.  He's got senior Da'Mon Merkerson and freshman Phillip Thomas on the corners with #SHAMARKO Thomas and Mike Holmes at the safety spots.  However the two Thomas' will likely be sharing time with Max Suter and Kevyn Scott, who will both be recovering from injuries:

There will be battles in the secondary, where starting strong safety Max Suter, who sat out the spring recovering from an arm injury, will face off with hard-hitting sophomore Shamarko Thomas. At cornerback, sophomore Phillip Thomas will be challenged by junior Kevyn Scott, who saw significant playing time in 2009 but was limited in the spring by a wrist injury.

Your punter is Rob Long and your kicker is Ryan LICHTENSTEIN!!!  But you already knew that.

H/T: Trapped In ACC Hell