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Ryan Nassib Is Your Starter (For Now)

Supreme Chancellor Doug Marrone appeared on the Bud & The Manchild Show today and shared some thoughts on the current Syracuse Stage production.  Oh, and, football.

  • Marrone confirms that Greg Paulus did not sign a contract.  He did say however that "It's a shame that we don't have a Greg Paulus for another year."  The Ryan Nassib Era, ladies and gentlemen!
  • That said, "As of right now, Ryan Nassib is going in as our starting quarterback."  It's about as solid a confirmation as you're gonna get these days.
  • "I believe in Eastern football."
  • On Delone Carter: "If Delone Carter is enrolled in school, then he's a part of the football team.  If Delone Carter's not enrolled in school, then he can't be part of the football program.  As of right now he's not going to be enrolled in school and he's not going to be a part of the football program until the process of getting re-enrolled takes place."
  • How long should it take to turn around a college football program?  "It all depends on how people view the program.  My expectations are to win right away."

If you do listen to the podcast, take a drink every time Doug says "standpoint."  Hope you didn't have Wednesday night plans.