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So The Greg Paulus Story Got Awkward Real Quick

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Greg Paulus was a New Orleans Saint.  Until he wasn't.  And then we realized he never was.

Joel Thorman over at the Mothership gets to the bottom of it.

The confusion stems from the original report on, which offers the sentence "Greg Paulus was signed by the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent," but that was premature (and never actually mentioned in the article, just used as a picture caption). The former Syracuse QB did try out with New Orleans over the weekend, though.

So blame the caption writer (who has since updated the caption in question).  Word spread so quickly that Paulus had signed that even needed to spring into action and note the invalidity of the claim.  Paulus added some nuggets of info to explain:

"Last weekend I had the opportunity to workout with the New Orleans Saints at their Rookie Minicamp," Paulus said. "It was a great experience. I will continue to prepare for the next opportunity by following the workout plan that I have been doing since the season ended with the help of Coach Hicks and the Syracuse coaching staff."

And so, Greg Paulus moves on.  He'll be at graduation this weekend to receive his Master's Degree in Communications (in one year?  La-di-da...).  Chances are that was his last, best shot at making it in the NFL.  So now, there's likely three paths Greg can walk.

1. Get on board as an assistant basketball coach with Syracuse, Duke or somewhere else.

2. Start honing his color commentary chops as part of a TV or radio crew.

3. Join the UFL's Florida Tuskers.

To me the choice is obvious, but, that's just me.