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Chew On Some Syracuse Football This Weekend

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That title works on so many levels.

Cause you see, you can watch Syracuse football practice live from the comfort of your own Dome this afternoon and Saturday. 

And then there's Van Chew, who's last name is Chew.


Chew has been getting his due in the last couple days, even earning the why-didn't-I-think-of-that nickname of Big League Chew from ESPN's Brian Bennett.  The skinny WR is primed to take a huge step forward this year.  He's a starter at the moment, according to the pre-spring depth chart.  Whether or not he can hold off folks like Aaron Weaver and Marcus Sales to hold to that spot will have a lot to do with his new-found strength and speed.  Just ask Doug Marrone...

"He did a great job this off season. He wasn’t physical enough (before) to really get off the line of scrimmage. Everybody knows he can run very well and catch the ball very well. Now, he’s becoming a physical player against press coverage. He’s really playing a lot stronger."

The competition at the wide receiver position will be intense but there will also be a lot of friendly-fire between them.  They're not only trying to beat each other out but also pushing one another to get better as a whole.

"I dedicated myself to the weight room," Chew said of his efforts following the 2009 season. "Then, when I came back up here for our winter conditioning, I worked out with Alec Lemon, Marcus Sales and Aaron Weaver. We all just basically pushed ourselves. It got me better and it also got them better."

Go Team!  Marrone and WR coach Rob Moore are going to need these guys to step up and fill the gaping void left by Mike Williams.  They have big plans for the passing game.

"I’m really excited," said Weaver, who transferred from Hofstra during the offseason. "There are a lot of plays where we have deep routes, and as a receiver, you always want to beat the defense deep. And there are a lot of opportunities in this offense to do that."

"We’re building on some of the concepts that we did last year," Marrone said. "So I think we’re ahead of that. … It’s really the progression of the teaching of the quarterback that we’re trying to make sure that we get before we go out there."

Oh right...the quarterback is kinda important for this whole passing game thing, huh?  We should keep working on that.