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Wes Johnson: Late Night Star

I'll probably run into Wes Johnson any minute now.  He's in LA for tonight's Wooden Award ceremony, of which my invitation must still be en route (damn Wooden Award email server...). 

In the meantime, Wes and Ohio State's Evan Turner has been taking in the sights and sounds of the City of Angels.  Well, one sight and sound.  He attended Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.  They hung out in the famed green room.  They rubbed (bare?) shoulders with Hollywood heavyweights like the guy from Big Momma's House 2. They even got on the broadcast briefly.  Kimmel threw it to Wes and Evan in the audience to introduce them.  Kimmel also tried to get Wes to spill the beans on whether or not he's going pro.  Wes wouldn't say....God damn tease.

Video forthcoming but in the meatime here's a backstage photo courtest of OSU's Dan Wallenberg:


Keep an eye on Wes' Twitterfeed to see what other crazy, screwball antics he gets into.

Update:  Here's the video! Thanks Eleven Warriors.