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The Nassibening: A Year Later

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It was right about this time last year that Ryan Nassib became the starting quarterback of the Syracuse football team.  He would hold that post for the next couple months before Greg Paulus swooped in and grabbed it from him.

To put it in terms you can easily understand...

Nassib was like the up-and-coming wrestler who won a Battle Royale for the vacated WWE Title at one of the lesser PPVs.  It was a shock and a huge boost to Nassib's reputation since up until that point he spent much of his career as a jobber and mid-card babyface.  The truth was, Nassib was just a transitional champion.  A cog used to help build up the incoming superstar who needed to be put over.  And so, at SummerSlam, Nassib lost the title he had owned for little more than two months to Greg Paulus.  Nassib returned to the mid-card but did have some memorable feuds throughout the year, even winning the Intercontinental Title at one point.  Now, with Paulus gone, Nassib has been given the opportunity once again to grab the title.  But it won't be easy.  There's a well-groomed heel with a fantastic character arc standing in his way.  Ridiculously-Good-Looking Charley Loeb (RGLCL for short).  He's the total package.  But he's still raw.  This is Nassib's time, Nassib's dream...but it could all come crashing down THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, LIVE ON PAY-PER-VIEW FROM COYNE FIELD IN SYRACUSE, NY...RYAN "THE ARMED ASSASSIN" NASSIB...RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING CHARLEY LOEB...THE HEIR APPARANT VERSUS THE GOLDEN BOY...WHO WILL BE THE NEXT CHAMPION???  CALL YOUR LOCAL PAY-PER-VIEW PROVIDER NOW!!!


While Marrone has not been as quick this season to name an official No. 1, it's still Ryan Nassib's spot to lose.  And he's fine with that.

"Spring is when you earn your job, and the fall is when you win," he says. "Nothing really matters until you've got a place at the table at the beginning of the first game."

Nobod knows that better than him.  Of course, perhaps it was simply just a matter of getting the basics under his belt.

"I have a better understanding of what college football is..."

Fantastic!  Knowing is half the battle.

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