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Pull The Cord, Wesley. Before We Start Thinking Things We Shouldn't.

Wes Johnson is going pro.


I mean, that's a stupid question.  Of course he is.  It's a non issue.

If Donte Greene went pro after one year, Wes Johnson is certainly going pro.


I mean, no one in his position would pass up guaranteed millions to come back simply because he wants to win a championship.  We just don't live in that age anymore.

So please, Wes, do us all a favor and pull the cord already.  Put us out of our misery.  It's not misery, it's just...we're already starting to get weird ideas in our heads.  Dumb ideas. 

Like we start to read your Facebook status "SHUTING IT DOWN TILL I AM CUTTING DOWN THE NETS!" and make assumptions that you mean you are coming back. (Which was from before the Butler game, so...disregard)

Or we start analyzing your tweets about the fact that you're still attending classes.

Or we read too much into comments made by Jim Boeheim over your status and impending decision.

So please, Wes, save us from ourselves.  Announce that you are going pro.  We're only going to get weirder about this the longer you wait.  We won't hate you, I promise.  We're with you that it's the best move for YOU to leave. know...let us know.  Thanks.