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This Ain't Your Daddy's MayFest (Actually This Sounds A Lot Like Your Daddy's MayFest)

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Question: This article says MayFest was created in 2007.  So what the hell was I doing when I celebrated MayFest in 1999 and 2000?  Did we not call it that back then?  Inquiring minds...

Forget MayFest. They should call it ManFest.  Cause The Man is taking over. 

Not because it's all about dudes, though.

That said, that could be cool.  If that's your thing.  I mean, I enjoy the company of men.  Who doesn't?

Women would be welcome, too. I'm not saying this is just for the men.  I'm just saying it would be a celebration of manhood and the men who, uh, live it.  That's all.

They probably also shouldn't call it MayFest because it takes place in APRIL but that's a discussion for another time.  Maybe in May.

Despite the fact that MayFest is one of the most enjoyable days of the year for Syracuse students, the University felt that a critical piece was missing to make the day the ultimate fun festival of frivolity.  Institutional control.  And so, SU will be handling things from here on out, students.  Leave your unlimited alcoholic beverages, beer pong tables and socialization free of any corporate pandering or university oversight at the door, cause the hippest party in town is now this-a-way...

MayFest has officially been recreated as a university-sanctioned event that will offer free beer to students over 21, free food and live music.

Following months of deliberation, Student Association, University Union and university administration have made April 30 a day for students to relax before finals and socialize with friends in Walnut Park.

MayFest 2010 will be held on the same day as UU’s Block Party and from 1 to 5:30 p.m. The area will be split into three sections that will offer food, music and alcohol for students above age 21. All Syracuse University and State University of New York College of Environmental School and Forestry students with a valid student ID can attend free of admission. Hip-hop artist Drake will headline UU’s Block Party starting at 7 p.m., following the day’s events.

This has all the makings of the David Cross "Light Up Atlanta" routine.  Get ready to stand in line to show your ID to stand in line to get your ticket to stand in line to get your beer.

Of course, if you still want to host a party at your Euclid house after all that awesomeness...well, you can.  Just know that the mighty arm of Johnny Law and Mayor McCheese will be looking down upon you, just waiting for you to slip up at a moment's notice.

Students over 21 who live on Euclid Avenue and choose to have friends drinking on their property will not be penalized if they comply with local ordinances, including those regarding noise violations and open-container laws, [Officer Joe Cecile of SPD] said. me crazy but nothing's going to change, right?  Everyone's still going to have parties on and around Euclid, they're just going to be a little more careful about where everyone is standing.  Yes?  Okay, problem...solved?

Apparently the folks over at Cuse My Campus were attempting to break off MayFest from the University-run version.  However when it became apparent the powers-that-be would make life difficult for students, they backed off.  Still, if I know my Syracuse student body, they'll do just fine on the day-of.

And so, now we wait.  The YouTube videos will pour in on the 30th, just like they did in year's past, and we'll see how the students handled the situation.  My guess?  A lot of the same-old partying, not a lot of law-breaking and/or violence, way too much law enforcement focus on a tiny area where good kids are just trying to have fun and ultimately much ado about nothing.  Just like it is every year.

Oh, and the newspaper editorials the next day from concerned citizens who are insane enough to live in the Euclid area and are aghast, AGHAST, by the crude behavior of Syracuse students who should be ASHAMED of themselves and move back to Long Island because...America!...and the bible...and such.  Those are always fun.

(Seriously though, clean up after yourselves folks.  Don't give the naysayers any reason for a toldja-so.)