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800 Down, Lord Knows How Many More To Go

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A little late on this but huzzah and kudos to the Syracuse lacrosse team for notching all-time win No. 800 over the weekend with a 15-8 win over Albany.  The Orange are only the 2nd program in the history of the sport to reach the mark (Hi Hopkins).

In it's entire history, Syracuse has only had four (FOUR!) coaches spread out across those 800 wins. Laurie Cox, Roy Simmons Sr., Roy Simmons Jr. and John Desko.  And of those four, Desko's run with the Orange might actually be the most impressive.  Dave the honors...

Desko, who was on the sideline for victory No. 800, pointed out afterward that he has been a player, assistant coach or head coach for more than half of those victories, a stretch beginning in 1976 in which Syracuse has gone 405-104 (.796). All 11 of SU’s 11 NCAA championship-game victories occurred with him as an assistant or head coach. And this guy isn’t in the Hall of Fame? Give me a break.

The man makes a point.  Furthermore, it drives home the realization that Desko might just actually be the Jim Boeheim of Syracuse Lacrosse.  It's going to be hard to imagine the program one day operating without him as a part of it.  For his part, Desko is humbled to be a part of the epic history.

"To be part of that tradition as an assistant coach and head coach, and to see it all, it’s important," Desko said. "I’ve been able to see the progression of Syracuse lacrosse from being the bottom of the barrel to coming up to be one of the teams of this era. To have this consistency … I just feel I have a great appreciation of where it is and where it’s been."

With the win, the Orange moved to 7-1 on the season and maintained their spot in the media rankings at #3.  However the coaches dropped SU to the #3 spot and moved UNC past them the Orange.  The Tar Heels are coming off a win off of lowly Johns Hopkins (4-5), proving yet again that Hopkins could go winless and people would still give everyone way too much credit for beating them.  (To be fair, the Heels are 10-0 so it does make sense).

I'm actually surprised Hopkins didn't move to No. 3 ahead of the Orange after the loss.  Hopkins does indeed remain ranked despite having a losing record (#17/#15).  Such is NCAA Lacrosse.

Next up for the Orange...The Big City Classic!  And the folks behind Saturday's classic either did the best scheduling job ever or are a bunch of lucky S.O.B.'s.  The 1pm appetizer, #13 Hofstra vs. Delaware, is just a palate-cleanser.  That's because at 4pm we'll be treated to a showdown between #1 Virginia and #2 North Carolina.  And if that's not enough for you, the 7pm nightcap features #3 Syracuse taking on #4 Princeton.  It's officially a college lacrosse fan's wet dream.

Adding to the intrigue is the revenge factor.  SU and P-town battled at last year's Big City Classic and the Tigers came away with a 12-8 win.  The "forgotten" Syracuse lacrosse rivalry got a much-needed kick in the groin and the need for vengeance is clear.

Tons of SU fans will be in attendance.  As Glaude said, if you live within a 200 mile radius of East Rutherford, NJ, you have no excuse.  Be there!!!

Syracuse upends Albany