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Daily Links - Be SU Coach For A Day

Syracuse University Athletics - 2010 SU Football Spring Game
Are you the Biggest SU Football Fan? Enter the "Coach for the day" contest for a chance to be a football coach for the 2010 Football Spring Game. The winner will participate in a variety of unique experiences.

"Pick With Your Heart" Results - Cuse Country
As we discussed a few days ago, the booby prize for the contest goes to NunesMagician. By failing to pick Georgetown to lose in either the first or second rounds, he didn’t earn any bonus points and thus fell into last place in our pool.

25 Years of Schadenfreude " Hoya Suxa
On April 1, 1985, Ed Pinckney and the Villanova Wildcats did the Lord’s work.

Fizz Spots Licata on Campus : Orange Fizz
So when does musical quarterbacks finally stop turning? The Fizz presents to you a player who could be calling the plays at SU consistently a few years down the road. His name is Joe Licata.

Hoop dreams … no more - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
This year, University of Miami tight end Jimmy Graham figures to be a second- or third-round pick and Syracuse quarterback (and former Duke guard) Greg Paulus is hoping to garner some attention. However, most guys who play basketball just don’t have what takes to play football. And we’re not talking about toughness.

Daily Orange - Despite lack of playing time, Cavalieri epitomizes class act off field
In a sports climate where athletes’ transgressions and off-field antics dominate media coverage, Cavalieri is a player who deserves praise for doing everything right. If college athletes are supposed to be role models, and I wholeheartedly believe they are, Cavalieri is the prime example, even if he never steps on the field again.

Ryan Miller talks to SU recruit Fab Melo and his fantastic accent.  Ryan's crowding the plate a little bit, no?  Let the big man breathe!