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Doug Marrone Is For Certain Kinds Of Violence, Against Other Kinds

Doug Marrone hates violence.  Violence towards women, that is.  Serving as honorary chairman of this year’s White Ribbon Campaign, Marrone will do all he can to educate young men, and women, on the issue.  And the SU community continues to realize that Doug Marrone is simply good people:

"He is one who just gets the core values," [Dr. Thomas] Wolfe said. "He is the real thing."

On the field of play, a different kind of violence is playing out.  Spring practice continues...

First up, the quarterback situation.  No real change at the's still an "open competition" but all signs seem to point to it being Ryan Nassib's spot to lose.  Check out some highlights of the two here where we get some good looks at Charley Loeb under center for the first time.  (Then again...aren't ALL looks at RGLCL good?)

Syracuse Football Spring Practice: Quarterback Competition

By the way, anyone else notice that we haven't gotten a good helmet-off look at Charley yet this season?  Savvy.  He's saving the reveal for fall ball.  Make'm wait for greatness...that's Charley's motto.

Coach Marrone is happy with the progression of the offense, though there's still a couple fighting-styles he needs to download into their cerebral cortex Matrix-style.

"The only thing we don’t have on the offensive side of the ball that will be installed is our goal line and short yardage package, which we’ll be installing Wednesday," he said. "After that, it’s all in."

"Whoa...I know short yardage packages." And just because Greg Robinson is gone, that doesn't mean we can't get good quote.  Doug Marrone can give good quote with the best of them.

"...that’s what you want offensively. You want the quarterbacks to really understand what you’re doing offensively..."

Offensively-speaking that is, from an offensive standpoint.

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