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Nothing Wrong With Testing The Water, Hops

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Because you're always going to realize things are better over here anyway.

MikeHopkinsToCharlotte Gate is over.  It ended as we all knew it would end.  With Mike Hopkins removing his name from consideration and returning to the comfy confines of Syracuse where he sits patiently beside the throne, awaiting his ascension to the crown.

There were some scary moments in there as we realized this wasn't just a rumor.  Hopkins was indeed considered the favorite for the job for a brief moment.  The news got so loud that Boeheim finally had to break the deafening silence coming out of SU (shocker). 

A lot of SU fans might have been confused as to why Hopkins, the lady-in-waiting for Jim Boeheim's crown, would even consider looking at something so "middling" as the Charlotte job.  Perhaps those fans haven't been in the workforce too long.  Or perhaps they didn't look at the Donovan McNabb situation and put two-and-two together. 

There's no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to employment.

Yes, he has a contract.  But I've got so many examples of broken contracts in college coaching we could be here all day.

Yes, he has assurances from Boeheim.  But who's to say Boeheim still has authority after he retires.

Yes he has the backing of SU.  So did Paul Pasqualoni, who went from "coming back next year" to "hit the bricks" in three weeks.

You never know.  And that's why you always always always need to take care of yourself.  The same way underclassmen should take their shot at the NBA if they're truly ready.  Loyalty is a day-to-day thing.  The greatest guy in the world today is old news tomorrow.  Mike Hopkins is a recruiting whiz right now...but what if this year's recruiting class fizzles (knock on wood...)?  Doesn't matter what you did for the last ten only matter what you did last year. 

Of course, there are shades of gray in there.  And it's not so cut and dry...certainly he's earned the right to take a few mulligans at this point. 

But you never know.  And that's why Mike Hopkins listened when Charlotte called.  As he should.

And as they should, I am positive Syracuse, DOC Gross and Jim Boeheim made sure Hops knew why he'd be crazy to walk away.  Because the flip side works for SU as well.  We think Boeheim will be here for another 5-7 years.  But you never know. 

To be fair though, it's more likely that Coach Hopkins is staying mostly because he's got the Mike Hopkins & Gerry McNamara Basketball Academy coming up.Coach Hops wants to help, he wants to mold, he wants to run the weave.  He also wants to get paaaaaaaid.

There will be a one time fee of $1,000 to attend the Basketball Academy.