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Daily Links - Idiots Speaking

Three Idiots on Sports: Listen to Me - I'm Kind of a Big Deal
Yesterday Matt McClusky was kind enough (or deranged enough) to once again have Andrew on as a guest on his radio show

From tryouts to training camp - Juanita Ward is "playing from day to day" - Swish Appeal
When 6'2" forward and former Syracuse basketball player Juanita Ward woke up today in Tulsa, you can be sure she breathed a sigh of relief. Why, you ask? She is one of the lucky ones who went to the Tulsa Shock open tryout and worked her way onto the training camp roster, where she is still alive to play another day.

A Chop-Block by the University : Orange Fizz: Syracuse Orange Sports Blog, Recruiting, Podcasts
The courts are there to enforce laws, and they oftentimes end up sorting out lies from both parties. We’re not saying here that Carter didn’t do it; by all accounts, and by the Ryan Gillum statement, he did. However, we all know that behind every war there is an opening blow. That is what the legal system sometimes finds.

Marrone Right To Do It His Way | Otto's Army
The D.O. absurdly contrasts the number of departures at Syracuse to those at Michigan and Tennessee. That is like comparing apples to orangutans. Syracuse was coming off 10 wins in 4 years. We needed a radical overhaul, not a basic change.

Wellington Saints put on top show, thrash Heat |
Former Syracuse University star Devendorf was lights out – hitting an incredible seven from eight threes and 15 from 20 overall – and as good as they are the Waikato Pistons may live to regret releasing him.

John Desko on a Lacrosse Shot Clock, Notre Dame, and a Re-Energized Tim Desko |
Syracuse men's lacrosse head coach John Desko was "On the Block" with Brent on The Score 1260/Time Warner Cable Sports on Thursday to talk about Saturday's game with Notre Dame and more.

Syracuse lacrosse midfield evolves into balanced, effective, productive unit |
The No. 2 Syracuse University men’s lacrosse team (11-1, 4-0 Big East) will face Notre Dame (7-5, 2-3) at 7 p.m. Saturday (ESPNU) in South Bend with an offensive midfield so feared that foes are now moving two longstick defenders up top to defend it. Its production has the Orange poised to make a serious run at a third consecutive Division I national championship next month.

College Chick Breakdowns: The Girls of Syracuse University |
So without further ado and straight from the mouths of a few current students (and slightly massaged by me), we discuss Syracuse University, located in Upstate New York.

Calhoun-Bot 3000 Under Fire : Orange Fizz: Syracuse Orange Sports Blog, Recruiting, Podcasts
According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, an NCAA source told UConn that investigators had been looking into possible basketball recruiting violations, and that a report on those violations will be issued in the near future.

In Part 3 of CitrusTV's look into Syracuse Attack Cody Jamieson's trick shots Cody shows Scott Grodsky how to score a between the legs goal like he did against Johns Hopkins earlier in the year.