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Hush Up, Doug Marrone Is Speaking

Doug Marrone went on the "Scheduling Colgate Is Totally A Great Thing" media tour yesterday, highlighted by his stop on Brent Axe's On The Block program.  You can listen to the whole podcast here but here's some highlights.

On scheduling Colgate:

"It is exciting to get the game done. It was a lot of work from our end. We exhausted all of our opportunities to see if we could get another Division I, BCS team on the schedule. At the end of the day, it really didn't work for future schedules. 

To be able to play Colgate, a team we do have a history and a past with, it was long ago, but it is exciting. As a player here myself, I know all about the whoodoo."
On the complex scheduling process:
"It goes from a standpoint of, first you look at the [Big East] conference, and there are only eight teams in the conference...we look at it from that standpoint, geographically, what areas that we recruit in.  Playing teams from Ohio, from Pennsylvania, obviously down in the Washington area where we recruit quite hard."
An interesting comment that alludes to the Virginia Tech series getting cancelled by VT and not SU, as we've assumed:
"It was a benefit for their program to do what they had to do with Virginia Tech..."
On the Big Ten rumors:
"I get a lot of questions from people at P&C, Wegmans, Friendly's, places you go. Hey, coach, what do you think is going on there? I tell them, hey, I'm just like you. I just read about it and just move forward with our day."

Doug also touches on Randy Edsall's comments on Big East coaches wanting Notre Dame to get an ultimatum (He had no idea), Delone Carter, Mike Williams, Art Jones, the Daily Orange article on players leaving and more.

Niko Tamurian also spoke with Coach Marrone at the Cuse Awards and touched on Colgate and the awards themselves.