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Daily Links - Devo Keeps Rolling

Devendorf, Saints dominate Harbour Heat |
Devendorf, who supplied 31 points on debut for Wellington against the Christchurch Cougars two weeks ago after being released by the two-time defending champion Waikato Pistons, again shone for his new team with 38 points as they extended an unbeaten home record to four matches.

Syracuse Orange Hoops: An Early Look at 2010-11 | Bleacher Report
Rebuild? Reload? It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Ask The Army: Mike Williams | Otto's Army
Was the Bucs gamble on Mike Williams a good idea, bad idea, or downright ugly?

The 2010 SU Football Schedule is Complete with Colgate. Let the Debate Begin |
Because there are now two FCS (formerly Division I-AA) teams on the 2010 schedule, even if you beat both of those teams, Syracuse will have to go 7-5 to be bowl eligible. That is not an easy task with a rebuilding project underway and a roster that falls a bit short of being complete right now. They don't even know who the quarterback is yet!

I Feel Dirty, Rutgers Dirty…And That’s As Filthy As It Gets | Otto's Army
Being on the same level as Rutgers in any capacity makes me feel sick…dirty…like I am taking classes in New Brunswick. And you can ask my mom, I hate the doctor.

Daily Orange - Letter of intent: How a note drafted by a few SU players divided a team, led to an infamous season
For the Syracuse men’s soccer program, one moment in time encapsulated a year of discord — the team’s worst season since 1971. On March 25, 2009, at 8:49 p.m., a file was created on Elliott Townsend’s computer. The file would become a letter. Townsend, a former Orange forward, said the letter was written by himself and "a couple of upperclassmen with the support of the whole team." It was addressed and intended for SU Director of Athletics Daryl Gross.

Solid Syracuse lacrosse montage...

Syracuse bound CJ Fair doing things...