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Carter-izing The Wound

Nothing too new to report in the Delone Carter SnowballGate fiasco other than what we know.  Delone is coming back in the fall but still waiting on word from the city as to whether or not charges will be dropped or processed. I did notice a couple new details (at least to me) in Rebecca Kheel's Daily Orange article today that I thought were worth nothing:

Surveillance cameras show three people exiting the vehicle and confronting Hotaling and his roommate, Alex Fay, near Kimmel Hall. Carter then struck Hotaling once in the face, causing him to fall to the ground while the three returned to the SUV and drove away, according to the report.

I don't remember hearing that the entire event was captured on camera.  Guess that means Ryan Gillum's admissions didn't really matter.

That also further confuses why the players weren't just processed right away.  Why the whole scene with the handcuffs and taking them from practice when the evidence was so cut and dry?  I need the Orange44 lawdogs to make sense of it all.

Though if there is footage of the entire incident, there must be footage of the snowball thrower as well, right?  Or at least proof that Hotaling was not the thrower.  The article also mentions that Hotaling is not a fan of the University's decision to reinstate Carter and, from the looks of it, is not going to back down on the charges.  That decision may be up to the District Attorney however.