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Anyone Need A QB That Can Actually Throw Overhand?

...cause I know an available guy who can do that.  Just letting you know...if you're willing to draft a guy who can't take a snap and has trouble throwing like a normal QB, certainly you might want to check out one that can.

And yet...still no takers on The Greg Paulus Project just yet.  Of the notable undrafted Syracuse football players, only one has received an invite to try-out at mini-camp so far (TE/WR Mike Owen will be in Jets camp).  Lavar Lodbell, Paul Chiara and Greg are standing by for your call, NFL teams.

At the very least, you'd like the Packers might want to bring Paulus in.  They're the ones who got this ball rolling in the first place.  Some folks even think that Green Bay owes it to Greg to give him a shot after all the window-shopping they've done:

The Packers are the team that is supposed to take this chance.  In addition to last year’s interest, they showed interest again this season early in the pre-draft process.  They owe him something for all of his effort.  How about a Packers uniform, a chance to play at mini-camp?  Something for the grandkids so he can one day say he played for the Packers.  It is time for them to invite Greg in, offer him a drink and then get frisky.

Of course, if things don't work out with the NFL, the next-best option is always available.  Greg Paulus: Florida Tusker.  Make it happen, people.