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Let's Not Use "Delone Carter" And "Strike" In The Same Sentence Anymore

Late last night word trickled in from Ryan Maloney that Delone Carter would slowly begin climbing out of the pit of despair that he's currently inhabiting.  While the charges themselves have not been dropped yet, Carter has "struck" a deal with Syracuse that will allow him to "punch" his return ticket to school and play football in the fall.  Thank the f***ing lord.

Lawyer George Raus said today Carter is to remain suspended for the remainder of this spring semester and for the summer semester. But he should be allowed to return to campus for the fall semester, the lawyer said.

"It's going to be hard on him," Raus said, noting Carter will have to make up any credit for incompletes he receives in this semester's courses as a result of being suspended two weeks ago.

He also will have to perform 200 hours of community service," Raus said.

So, if I'm reading that correctly, Carter will also not be able to participate in summer camp, a huge blow for sure.  What was supposed to be a star-making year for Delone will likely be spent as part of a platoon with Antwon Bailey and Averin Collier.  Still, that's better than nothing. 

No word on whether or not Doug Marrone will dish out his own game suspensions separately from this deal.  And Carter's lawyer continues to work with the District Attorney on a settlement.