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The S.O.B. Awards - Closing Ceremonies


Man, what a year for the 4th annual Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards, huh?  Controversy, ties, judgement calls, incorrect tabulations and hijinks all over the place. All captured by the #sobawards hashtag.

First, a big thanks to the SU Bloggerati for their tireless work and fantastic posts over the last two days.  The fact that every post went up on time is a first, I believe, so that would have been enough.  But to actually make coherent thoughts happen in each post...brilliance.

Second, a look back at all the winners.

You can take a stroll down memory lane if you like to see how this year's awards stack up against previous versions.   Some interesting tidbits...

  • Kris Joseph has won the S.O.B. for Best Freshman & Best Sophomore.  Can he be the first-ever player to run the table?
  • In the four years we've done this, beating Georgetown has been the Game of the Year three times.
  • This is the first year that Georgetown has been named Biggest Villain/Nemesis.

Thanks again to those who participated, thanks for those who took the time to read the posts and thanks to the players and coaches for making this such a great season.  Who knows, we might have to actually make a real award for the 5th annual S.O.B.s...