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S.O.B. - Best Syracuse Player/Coach Tweet Of The Year

We end the 2010 Syracuse Orange Blogger awards by truly bringing these awards into the 21st Century.  This ain't your Daddy's S.O.B. Awards.  Gone are the days of the S.O.B. for Best Syracuse Player.Coach Scratched Stone Tablet Of The Year and no more will you see the S.O.B. for Best Syracuse Player.Coach Telegram Of The Year (both of which, oddly, were won by Jim Boeheim every single year).  In their place, I give you an award for the kids. 

The Best Syracuse Player/Coach Tweet Of The Year

Josh from Cuse Country really didn't read the rules on this one.  He submitted Mike Williams' "ITS NOT QUITTING IF YOUR NOT WANTED..." rant, which was not only not from a basketball player but was also a Facebook status update.  Josh, you're on double non-secret probation.

Considering I practically bankrupted Chipotle in the last couple months (I did not practically bankrupt Chipotle), it's only fair that my vote be for the tweet that started it all.

"Chipotle with andy, brandon reese and gmac.. This my 1st eating a chipotle lmao" - Scoop Jardine

Orange Chuck remembers a more innocent time when Kris Joseph remembers a more innocent time about some weirdo named Wes Johnson:

#whenifirstmet @W_johnson I thought he was gonna be a weirdo!! Was kinda worried about having him as my roommate. I was definitely wrong!! - Kris Joseph

Speaking of Kris Joseph, D.A. at The Orange Fizz remembers when KJo got a little hot and bothered by some fan comments after Syracuse's first loss to Louisville.  Always a good time to head to Twitter.

A lot of yall act like we can’t lose a game, like we are invincible or some (bleep). That’s funny cause I know half of yall can’t hoop anyway. - Kris Joseph (incidentally, winner for Best Player Quote)

Now for the lighter side of Kris Joseph, we turn to Syracusan at Cuse Country who submits this heartfelt and honest film opinion from KJo:

"Yup, Watching The Notebook... Nothing Wrong With That Is There? Its A Helluva Love Story!!! - Kris Joseph

Andrew from Three Idiots on Sports just up and decided to vote for all of Mookie Jones' tweets.  Most notably, his various rants throughout the season over playing time and perceived lack of respect.

Lol,f*** leaving the cuse,ima juss go hard,harder then I was going,harder then they go,at the end of the day,I'm juss trying to get payed mo Mookie Jones

Of the remaining six votes, they were spread evenly among our two winners.  Naturally, both winners come from the one, the only...Scoop Jardine. The first one was voted tops by HoyaSuxa's The Glaude, Brian from Orange44 and Jameson Fleming.

On February 2nd, there was one Scoop tweet in particular that SU fans took note of.  It wasn't extremely profound or hilarious.  It was just a normal, every-day tweet.  The curious part...Scoop Jardine was sitting on the bench during the Providence game when it went out.  Um...Scoop?  What was that?

The co-winner, voted so by Dan Lyons, Steve from CuseOrange and Brian from CuseOrange, isn't just a tweet.  It's a catchphrase.  It's a way of life.  It's a mantra.

Ooo yea that's hot! - Scoop Jardine

Yes Scoop, that most certainly is.