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The Manchild Returneth (Bud, Too!)

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A little over a year ago, the Syracuse sports radio landscape lost one of its most endearing couple.  Jim "The Manchild" Lerch and Bud "Bud" Poliquin.  The Bud & The Manchild Program was a drive-time mainstay for six years before Clear Channel got all budget-cutty and let Lerch go. 

Since then the Syracuse radio world has had some seismic shifts.  It was the latest shift, the creation of 1260 The Score via ESPN Radio's move, that seems to have enabled the inevitable to happen.

Re-Enter Manchild (and Bud):

The once-successful local sports talk pairing of Bud and the Manchild will return to the airwaves on Monday, May 3.  The show has a new timeslot — weekdays from 10am to noon.  It also has a new home — Citadel’s The Score 1260 (WSKO).

Over the past year, Lerch says he feels like "something’s been missing from the sports radio scene locally."  Lerch believes he and Poliquin work well as a team, "because we have an older perspective, compared to some of the other stuff out there."

The "other stuff" out there includes Brent Axe, the guy who'll follow B&M on The Score, as well as WHEN's Andrew Ardini and Matt Mc's Sports Fix for the North Country listeners.  Like Lerch says, they represent a much older perspective than these guys.  Hopefully that doesn't mean we'll be hearing about the "vast herds of anonymous bloggers" regularly but...we'll see.

For those who might not remember or blocked it out, Manchild's contribution to the Syracuse sports scene wasn't just radio.  He also made great use of the visual medium, be it his reckless use of a video camera while driving or his filming of children at play, Manchild kept us, as well as drivers and parents, on our toes.