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Daily Links - Check In With Elvir, Gorman, Terrence & More

Pro Update 4-22-10 (Playoff primer edition) - Cuse Country
Catch up with Jeremy McNeil, Josh Pace, Devo, Elvir, Demetris, Matt Gorman, Shumpert, Ryan Blackwell and Terrence Roberts.

Three Idiots on Sports: The Angels are With John Marinatto
At this point, praying may very well be the best hope to save his league.

Five bold draft predictions: McClain at No. 5, Tebow in Round 1 - NFL - -
Mike Williams' suspensions and aloof attitude in interviews have taken him from a potential top 50 pick to completely off some teams' boards. He is a strong receiver with solid hands and an innate ability to make plays downfield, but his very average scouting combine was not enough to overcome his other issues.

Ask The Army: Conference Realignment | Otto's Army
With potential Big Ten expansion seemingly looming, what are your hopes for Syracuse’s fate?

Syracuse lacrosse team plays musical chairs at attack to unsettle opposing defenses |
The substitutions in a tightly contested game displayed how serious John Desko is about trying to get opposing defenses on their heels with different combinations and styles. Freshman JoJo Marasco, who is recovering from an injury to his left lower leg, is also part of the rotation down low when healthy.

10 Things the Big Ten Should Do Before it Expands - Maize n Brew
If there's been one true positive about all this expansion talk, it's been the venereal degradation of the Big East. At this point, the majority of Americas outside the East Coast believe that Big East Football is nothing more than a bunch amputees on Rascals playing in a 7-7 league.

SU lacrosse players Joel White, John Galloway and others take us on a behind-the-scenes tour of Syracuse's trip to the Big City Classic, courtesy of Hijinks ensue.