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One More Thing To Beat Cornell At

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If there's anything Syracuse does well, it's beat Cornell.  And not just beat them but crush their souls in a way that makes them never want to see us again.  Whenever we need a pick-me-up we line up against Cornell in something and pretty soon we feel like cock-of-the-walk once more. 

So there's no reason we should stick to the sporting arena for these feel-good times.  Let's expand our Big Red-bashing arm to other forms of combat.  And let's start with stand up comedy.

The National College Comedy Competition has begun and Syracuse is in the Sweet Sixteen.  And look who else is here...Cornell!  And look who Syracuse is matched up against...CORNELL!!!

So what's the deal here?  Well, I suggest you do three things.

  1. Go to the contest and check out the bracket.
  2. Watch Syracuse's stand-up extraordinaires do their thing (scroll down to pick specific performances).
  3. Every time you watch a Cuse stand-up make with the funny, cast a vote for them.

Voting will close at 6:00pm PST on Monday, April 26 so make sure you get your votes in early and often (you can vote once every five minutes).  Do it for the stand-upees, do it for Syracuse but do it mostly because you don't want to see Cornell beat us at anything.  Ever.