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S.O.B. - Best Syracuse Player/Coach-Featured Video

Let's kick it off.  The first 2010 Syracuse Orange Blogger Award is about to be handed out.  It's the Best Syracuse Player/Coach-Featured Video and there's so many to choose it hard to think of where to start.

First, honorable mention to some of the videos not nominated. The Battle of High School TeammatesAuto-tuned Rick Jackson, James Southerland's megadunk, Andy Rautin's towering interviewTim Higgins yelling at a kid during an SU game, The introduction of the Scoop & Kris ShowAndy Rautins dunks!Wes' dunk against GeorgetownWes' dunk against DePaulWes' dunk against Providence and Wes' dunk against Colgate.

Now on to the vote-getters. Well I guess we can start with Brian from CuseOrange's entry, which is not an entire video but is still as arresting a visual as there was this year:


While we're working with GIFs, we need to point out The Glaude from HoyaSuxa's entry.  The highly-entertaining James Southerland Dance Dance Revolution.


It just wouldn't make sense to have a category like this that didn't feature a Jim Boeheim video.  Jim gave us this classic stand-up special and it was the Three Idiots selection.

The first video to receive multiple votes and our 2nd place winner is Ryan Miller's Shut It Down Behind The Scenes video.  That James Southerland Dance-A-Thon comes from here, as well as creepy Mike Hopkins and the rare smiling Arinze is captured on film.  The Cuse Country fellas, Orange Chuck and Dan Lyons all gave this one the nod.

That brings us to our winner.  Naturally, our winner has to come from the greatest collection of videos ever created...The Scoop & Wes Show.  TS&WS brought us so much joy, so much laughter, so many tears and such giddy excitement that it's hard to pinpoint one video that stands head and shoulders above the rest.  But that's why we're here, and the below video received a vote from myself, Brian from Orange44, Jameson Fleming, The Orange Fizz & Steve from CuseOrange to win the SOB Award.

What makes this particular Scoop & Wes Show better than the others? 



Congrats to the winners.  Now get ready to head over to The Orange Fizz where the S.O.B. for Best Boeheim Quote of the Season.