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It's S.O.B. Time!


It's go-time. Starting tomorrow and running through end of the day Friday, the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards (S.O.B.s) will be handed out. A collection of SU blogs are participating, check out the schedule below. Check in with the specific blog at each time and keep track of the announcements on Twitter with the hastag #sobawards

All Times Eastern Thursday Friday
9:00 am   Best Photo (Three Idiots)
10:00 am Best Syracuse Player/Coach-Featured Video (TNIAAM) Best Senior (Orange44)
11:00 am Best Boeheim Quote of the Season  (Orange Fizz) Favorite Moment of the Season (Orange Fizz)
12:00 pm Best Freshman (CuseOrange) Worst Game of the Year (CuseOrange)
1:00 pm Most Surprising Plauer (Dan Lyons) Worst Moment of the Season  (Dan Lyons)
2:00 pm Biggest Villain/Nemesis (HoyaSuxa) Best Game of the Year  (Hoya Suxa)
3:00 pm Best Original Theme Song (Three Idiots) Best Crowd Sign/Prop (Cuse Country)
4:00 pm Best Player Quote of the Season (Cuse Country) Most Valuable Player (Jameson Fleming)
5:00 pm Best Syracuse Blog/Fan Video  (Orange44) Best Syracuse Player/Coach Tweet Of The Year (TNIAAM)
6:00 pm Best Sophomore (Jameson Fleming)
7:00pm Best Junior (Big Orange Bloggers)

If you need some info on what the hell is going on, click here to relive past SOB glory.

H/T: Paulie for the official SOB Logo