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When You Think Of The NCAA, Think Of Paul Tagliabue

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Finally, the Big East has's list of advisers by bringing in former NFL commish Paul Tagliabue to help sort out, well...something.

Paul Tagliabue, the Commissioner of the NFL from 1989 until 2006, will serve as a Special Advisor to the BIG EAST Conference to provide strategic advice on future television arrangements and other priority matters, BIG EAST Commissioner John Marinatto announced.  Tagliabue, who currently chairs the Board of Directors of BIG EAST member Georgetown University, will serve the BIG EAST on a volunteer basis.

"Other priority matters?"  Is that what we're calling this now?

Quick, give me reason to feel like the guy who ran the NFL for 17 years is the right guy to save the Big East:

  • He's a Northeastern guy (Born in Jersey City)
  • He's a Big East guy (Georgetown '62)
  • He's a lawyer.  You always need a lawyer.
  • He knows a thing or two about expansion (The NFL expanded four times and three teams relocated under his watch).
  • He knows how to talk TV contracts (If, you know, someone wanted to start up a network or something like that).
  • He doesn't know what to do with Los Angeles (A moot point for us!)

As for what Tags plans on doing about our "priority matters," that remains to be seen.  However Twitter has a couple ideas on what we might expect...

Start new Big East teams in Maine, New Hampshire and Delaware to tap into under-served regional markets #TagliabueIdeas

Re-name Rutgers "The University of Almost in New York City", Syracuse "The University of Almost in Canada" #TagliabueIdeas

Every Big East school moves to New York City #TagliabueIdeas

St. Provanova Hall @JohnRadcliff Combine St. John's, Seton Hall, Nova, and Prov into 1 school to attract more bball schools. #TagliabueIdeas

A Big East team in Toronto by 2015 #TagliabueIdeas

Rutgers retains the rights to the name "Fred Hill" for its next coach #TagliabueIdeas

Big East arena football at Madison Square Garden #Tagliabueideas

The New York City Blue Demons of DePaul #Tagliabueideas

Live on ESPN for 48 consecutive hours, the Big East Conference Member Draft (DePaul need not apply). #TagliabueIdeas

Allow senile AD to move campus back and forth between two cities while suing everyone #Tagliabueideas

South Florida basketball every year on Thanksgiving afternoon. #Tagliabueideas